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The notion of “making it” or “making it big” is really interesting to me. As an artist and a performer, I am often asked (or told) the following:

I can’t believe you haven’t made it big!

So, you moved to LA to make it?

Why are you performing here – you should be making it big.

Why aren’t you on the radio – you could totally make it.

and my ultimate favorite

Here, sign my CD for when you make it.

That last one always leaves me fighting to hold back the words. I want to say, “What exactly are you waiting for me to make?? I already made it, and you’re holding it in your hands.”

And this is where the issue becomes clear. People, in general, perceive “making it” to be a destination that can be arrived at, and once you finally get there, you can announce to the world “I made it!”. With art, however, “it” is not a destination that you “make it” to. “It” is a thing, a work, a piece of art. What it is that I am making is far more important to me than where it is that I’m making it to. Somewhere along the way everyone seems to have confused people who achieve fame and popularity with people who are creating great things. Sure, it’s ideal when the two happen together, but the fame is not what makes a work of art great.

So, in conclusion, I’d like to announce, ladies and gentleman, that I have made it! Below are links to what it is I’ve made, so far.


CD Baby:



Official Site:


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