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Yes, people, I’ve done it. Taken the big leap. Reached for the stars. Gone for my dreams. MOVED TO L.A…. Again. It’s a wild mix of emotions to move this far from home, and although I’m still traveling back to Houston about once a month to perform for a few days, the whole process of moving has gotten me all reflective and philosophical and stuff. So here’s what I’ve been thinking:

When I graduated from UT a few years back, I never dreamed that I’d ever do music again, much less move to a major city like L.A. to pursue it… Again. Life can be strange like that. I learned exactly how strange when, after college, I very unexpectedly managed to make a full time job performing as a self-employed musician in HOUSTON, of all places.

I don’t think I would be hurting anyone’s feelings when I say that Houston is not at the top of anyone’s list of music cities. And without getting overly dramatic or unnecessarily deep about the issue, I do have to ask: what exactly makes a music city a music city? L.A. is overflowing with folks who work for every aspect of the entertainment industry (obviously), and this leads to an abundance of opportunity for artists, actors, and models that simply doesn’t exist elsewhere (this being the reason behind my move – to model, of course). Joking. But I have to say that Houston, over the past three or so years, has proven itself to be more of a music city than any other place I’ve lived, which includes Austin, Nashville, and Los Angeles.  Industry-wise? No, of course not. But lack of industry doesn’t signify a total lack of opportunity. Or lack of local talent. Or disinterest in music by the people of Houston (a.k.a. “the scene”). In fact, I would say that the opposite is true. People in Houston aren’t jaded or numb in their attitude toward music. Although I’ve encountered some individuals who are convinced they are Simon Cowell (typically a very drunk Simon Cowell), for the most part there is friendliness in the air, not animosity. The Houston music scene isn’t over saturated with musicians to the point of ridiculousness as it is in many major music cities. Local musicians have a general attitude of encouragement, as opposed to the jealous, rude, and overly-competitive persona that a lot of bands seem to take on elsewhere.  I’ve met so many wonderful, enthusiastic people out on the town – both fellow musicians and the people who come to watch me play night after night (some would call them “fans”, but I find that to be obnoxious considering many have become good friends). I speak only for myself on the matter, but I just want to recognize and openly appreciate the support I have felt by Houston businesses and the Houston community. You’ve raised money for me to help me fund my latest album, showed up at horribly late shows to show your support, and booked me for weddings, Christmas parties, house concerts, and weekly (sometimes nightly) shows at your venues. So, thank you, H-town. I carry your love and support with me in my new adventure in la la land. Because what you’ve done, guys, has allowed me to regain a sense of purpose and passion for my musical journey, which was at one point derailed while living in a real music city. Go figure.



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