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Official Backers of New Album “One Good Day”

Album Cover

The overwhelming generosity of the following group of people has made it possible for me to say “Yes! I’m making a new album!” Their combined support over the past month and a half through my fundraising project on Kickstarter has allowed me to raise the required funding, and I could not be more appreciative.

So, ladies and gentlemen, my new album “One Good Day” was made by the following people. In no particular order, the Official Backers are:

Stephanie Hammon

Catherine Wende

Kelly Armbruster

Craig J. Crisera

Donna Farthing Weaver

Brandy Schuster

Teta Martin

Lynn Dorr

Sherry Lewis

Tad Lewis

Rosalind Pipes

Lee Pipes

Diane Cash

Julia Rice

Boris Rice

Jessica Rendesnou

Melanie Hendrix

Deborah Duplant

Mk Miller

Lionel Vargas

Marc Snay

Karey Gallagher

Betsy Huete

Barbara Wende

Raymond Wende

Lori Harrison

Karen Muller

Dawn Johnson

Erin Gaines

Lisette Cole

Brian Bourgeois

Vicki Gosler

Tom Cox

Donna Cox

Kaysie Zwahr



Stephen Christopher

Ashley Schultea


Diana Shaw

Dana Ruppert

Stacey Smith

Amanda Young

Jennifer Schaffer

The Usual Pub

Mindy Brandli

Debbie Pustejovsky

Hua Liu

Lisa Glasscock

Sandra Semaan

Ray Lewis

Nancy Lewis

Ashley Dernick

Jodie Connor

Patty Depierri

Wendy Rea

Ricardo Klaassen

Christian Arrambide


Caitlin Cloyd

Jeremy Jansen

Cameron Caruthers

Cathy Ofield

Ella Couture

Marjorie Finley

Kayla Schneeweiss

Mark Edward Turner

Daniela Hofstetter

Rachel Brady


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