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Where It All Started

About a month ago, I played a show with Adrian Bourgeois in Austin, and he brought with him something that I had never seen, but something that had truly changed my life when I was a teenager (and up until this day). Adrian’s dad, Brent Bourgeois, worked at Word Records at the time I started singing, and ended up signing me to the label in 2000. Anyway, long story short, Adrian gave me the demo that had landed on his dad’s desk about 12 years ago. Basically, the demo that started it all.

Demo Picture

I thought it was pretty freaking cool to see exact copy that was listened to and that led to me signing with the label. And not only did he give me the demo, there was still a note attached to the cover from the publisher, Shari Saba, to Brent:


It says “Brent, As per–no picture yet, but one can be obtained if you like this. She supposedly “looks the part”. 15 years old. Let me know ASAP“.

I find this hilarious because at 15 the only “part” I looked ready to play was that of a competitive eating champion. Ha. Apparently I cleaned up real nice.

So, this has just been really inspiring to kind of look back to what went on in my life ten years ago, when something so unexpected happened, and realize that truly anything is possible. Cheeeeeeze. But true. And as I get set to record my fourth album, I feel encouraged and hopeful and inspired to just write the music I love because I love it, like I did in the very beginning. And if there’s room out there on someone’s desk for a copy, so be it.


4 comments on “Where It All Started

  1. Charles
    May 22, 2010

    Wow, that’s amazing! And also: you’re planning another album? Will it be another acoustic set like Upside Down or… something… else?

    • Paige
      May 22, 2010

      I know, pretty cool! And yes, I’m going into the studio in July – all new songs…and it won’t be acoustic (will be a proper band). Very excited about it, and it will most likely be released September(ish) 🙂

  2. Jeremy
    March 23, 2012

    Ms. Lewis,

    I don’t know how often you check this but I just wanted to let you know what an incredible change your first CD brought upon my life. Thank you so much!!! Now to the serious part, I am having serious difficulty in locating a copy of your debut self titled album. Any and all help or information you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
    May the LORD continue to bless you and give you HIS continual strength and inspiration to show HIS love to the world.


    • Paige
      January 13, 2014

      Hi Jeremy –

      Thank you for your comment! I actually do not have any idea how you might be able to find a copy of my debut album! I know they’re not printing anymore, and I personally only have one copy! You may be able to contact someone at Word Records – they possibly might know the answer! Thanks again 🙂


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