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The Inevitability of Failure


Edison’s light bulb story is so overtold, its message hardly resonates anymore. Have you heard? He didn’t get it wrong one thousand times, he found one thousand ways that weren’t right! Easy to say, once you’ve gotten it right, Edi. I joke, I joke. Because in truth I am a firm believer that “failure” is relative, and without risking, nothing great can be accomplished in the first place. Edison is certainly not the only one to preach the Sermon of Failure. Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers is a whole book about it. Well, it’s actually about success, but can’t help but compare accomplishments to setbacks. My personal conclusion thus far in life is this: failure is unavoidable, tis true. And our handling of life’s hurdles certainly affects whether or not we one day make it to the podium. The better you are at failing, the better you are at succeeding. Attempt more, fail more, but succeed more as well.

So, just for kicks, I’d like to outline failures in my life. There have certainly been successes along the way as well, I should say (so I don’t sound like a Negative Nancy). But why not admit to things that haven’t gone our way? In fact, a longer list of failures should almost certainly correspond to a long list of successes. Many many more belong on this list, but it’s a good start:

Events That Led To Unfortunate Outcomes

Failure #1: Rejected from the school talent show in kindergarden. Performance of “Taco Joe”, a piano song consisting of three chords, found to be inadequate.

Failure #2: Considered too young for competitive softball program. Demoted to “C” team.

Failure #3: Fifth grade boyfriend announces his desire to be just friends.

Failure #4: Inability to control Cheeto intake leads to adolescent weight gain.

Failure #5: Rejected from high school volleyball team due to height disadvantage.

Failure #6: High school softball team makes it to State, but gets Runner-up. Twice.

Failure #7: Christian music career shows signs that it might, but never quite does, take off.

Failure #8: L.A. record companies hesitate to sign due to “similarities to Avril and Michelle Branch”. Attempts to persuade otherwise fall upon tone deaf ears.

Failure #9: Received a horrible, cheap haircut from a street vendor on the Santa Monica Promenade.

Failure #10: Allowed myself to obsess over all of the above for far too long.


One comment on “The Inevitability of Failure

  1. david
    January 31, 2012

    I’m truly sorry your career in christian music never took off. I bought your CD and thought it was very powerful; well, a couple of the songs were a little cheesy, but there was some really very great, deep stuff there also. It was good company during what was a difficult time for me. Hope your faith is still intact even if that’s not the direction you decided to go with your music.

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