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The Ocean or the Shore


New songs are always funny. They come unexpectedly, suddenly, and at odd hours. I woke up last Tuesday at 5:00a.m., sat down to learn Beyonce’s “All The Single Ladies” for my side project Acoustic Radio, and was instantly struck with the inspiration to write. The lyrics and music were completed in full by 5:36a.m., and I immediately began recording. The resulting song is below, using my first pass as the final version (with some backgrounds thrown in for good measure!). I find it much more meaningful to share the song as it was captured during its moment of creation than to rehash the thing to death, no?

Oh, and an important side note: After writing and sitting in admiration of my work, I realized that the concept of song was not completely my own. “The Ocean or the Shore” speaks of life’s many uncertainties, and it attempts to compare one’s journey into the unknown to the fact that we’re not sure if we’re walking toward the ocean or toward the shore. But, after my twelfth cup of coffee, I thought to myself, “I feel like I’ve heard something like this before”. Oh no! And then it struck me, so now a shout out is needed. My very talented friend Adrian Bourgeois sent me some demos of his new material a while back, and I believe it is a song called “Jonah” that uses a similar comparison. “I cannot tell if I am swimming to or from the shore” is, I think, how it goes. So Adrian, to copy is the highest form of flattery, yes? Well said, and I hope you don’t feel that you have been robbed and will not mind me sharing this unique insight with the world! And one final shout out. If it weren’t for “All the Single Ladies”, this song very well may not have existed. So, though I never could’ve imagined an occasion for me to say such a thing, thanks be to Beyonce!

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The Ocean or the Shore

By Paige Lewis 2010, Cry Holy Music (ASCAP)

I got a thing for the meantime

I got a knack for between time

I’m pretty cool with the great unknown

I can be fine with the unseen

I really like a good mystery

I’m pretty good with the great unknown

But I never thought it’d be quite like this

Does anybody really know what they’re getting in for

I never thought it’d be quite like this

Does anybody really know if they’re walking in toward

The ocean or the shore

I want to know where the past flies

I never said my goodbyes

Watching it drift way out of sight

I’ve never seen such a sunset

I’ve never felt such an upset

Watching it disappear tonight

But I never thought it’d be quite like this

Does anybody really know what they’re getting in for

I never thought it’d be quite like this

Does anybody really know if they’re walking in toward

The ocean or the shore

Raise my  hand I’ve got a question

Why aren’t there any answers

No signposts in the sand to point the way to land, no

I guess maybe that’s the lesson

There’s never any answers

I better be prepared to swim or stand

I never thought it’d be quite like this

Does anybody really know what they’re getting in for

I never thought it’d be quite like this

Does anybody really know if they’re walking in toward

The ocean or the shore


3 comments on “The Ocean or the Shore

  1. Just Gimmepizza
    February 8, 2010

    Ok, comment readers — I, too, had some “inspiration”; may it “strike you right”. And who else out there is jealous of Paige’s abilities? But appreciates her willingness to share? Me, for one. Anyway, below is my “inspiration”. Part of me feels I am just wasting my time; but may Someone make it a worthwhile read to someone else.

    “Along the Way”

    How you grow during the journey is more important than the destination, or even than the plan. And there ARE signposts in the sand — words of those who have been on this path before you: words of caution, words of understanding, words of instruction. Read and take heed! And the goal: a certain income, a certain job, a certain life partner, a certain standard of living? Two people may arrive at that goal, at that apex, completely different people. One will use those things in a selfish, proud way, believing that THEY are completely responsible for achieving, and are safe and secure in those things; the other will hold those things loosely, use them for the good of others, and be generous, grateful, and humble. Both could, instead of the mountain peak, hit bottom in the valley of poverty and hardship. The output of both of their lives will be basically the same as if they’d reached the peak: they will have left in their wake either destruction and pain, or building up and joy — or perhaps, nothing. So what good was the goal, those things and places they sought to reach? You see that the goal of the first was the end, the peak — and it didn’t matter what got in their way, it was destroyed if it interfered. You see that the goal of the second was not the end at all — it was blessing, building, helping, and growing and learning along the way. Toward the ocean, or the shore? Doesn’t matter as much as you think.

    My son has been struggling with just what God wants him to do, and has his own ideas, but are they God’s will? How will college funds come together? Will his goal of ministering as an Army Chaplain come to fruition, and when — and is this really God’s goal for him? What about class choices? Should he avoid serious relationships for now? So many questions and unknowns are there today, and loom on the horizon. He recently found rest, however, in I. Thess. 4:3: “For this is the will of God: your sanctification”. Sanctification is an “along the way” process. It is not the end, or even the details of the plan to get there — it is setting as your goal, the same goal God has for you: your being “worked on” — changed, perfected, untwisted, made wise, TRUSTING God to bring you through the fire to the other side, where the impurities and dross will have been burned away, leaving, more and more, pure and beautiful gold. And trusting God can only come by knowing Him, and by being willing.

    Picture this: It’s time for class again. Little Johnny takes his seat, looking forward to the three things he likes most: lunch, recess, and the end of class. The teacher starts to teach, but Johnny just daydreams about what he’ll do during recess, wonders what is for lunch and whether he’ll have seconds, and thinks about what he’ll play when he gets home. At times, he sees other students raise their hands, and some get up and leave for awhile. Lunch comes and goes, as does recess; and finally the class bell rings and off he goes, home to play with his friends. Just one seat back from Johnny sits Timmy. Timmy likes the same things Johnny does, but likes his teacher a lot, and pays attention to what she is saying. At times, she asks the class who is interested in doing a special project — though she doesn’t give the details. Timmy is always eager to help, so he raises his hand, and at those times, goes with other students — or sometimes even alone — with the teacher and does something interesting. Sometimes he is disappointed; sometimes what he has to do is hard; sometimes it is really cool; but always, eventually, the project he has helped with gets done, and when he sees it, he is glad he helped because it is WAY cool and wonderful! And he has learned so much about many things in the process!

    Which traveler will you be? And which student? Will you get up every morning and raise your hand, volunteering for whatever project God may be working on that day, to be His “little helper”? Remember, too, that it’s His project, not yours. 🙂

    I found a good devotional this morning that is related:

    Plug: Check out; they have a full concordance online, plus devotionals and other useful material. 🙂

  2. Charles
    March 6, 2010

    I’m a bit late to this party, but wanted to say – wow, what a beautiful song! Half an hour’s work at 5 in the morning? Amazing.

    • Paige
      March 6, 2010

      Thank you! It’s crazy how it works sometimes! 🙂

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