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Hope in the land of the jobless

323522397_343173fb14_zThere’s a disturbing stillness that lurks after accomplishing any major task. The anticipation and the excitement leading to the big event seem to vanish instantly once it’s over. After graduating, this is somewhat the feeling that took over. What next? Where’s my assignment? I’d like a syllabus, please, outlining the rest of my life. No? Well then what am I going to do?

Change is stressful, there’s really no way around it. But I recently came across some great advice that has not only lifted me out of my unemployed state of self-doubt, but actually made me excited about just how many opportunities may be out there in the great unknown.

Sally Hogshead’s “Radical Careering – 100 Truths to Jumpstart Your Job, Your Career, And Your Life” (visit for info) has some amazing advice for anyone who feels a strong sense of purpose and an incurable drive to get the most out all aspects of life. One of the many entries that rang true for me was this:

“Radical Truth #85:


I’ve repeated this to myself many a time. It’s impossible to be successful when you cling to obsolete situations out of fear. Only when you put yourself out there wholeheartedly can the best opportunities present themselves.

What’s your lifelong passion? If you’ve done your homework and decided what you want to do, then clearly and rationally start building your net. Please note: I’m not suggesting you jump before you’re ready. Just don’t not do it because you’re afraid.”

Paige here again. Good stuff, no? It really is important to keep jumping and to make sure that it’s not just on a trampoline.


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