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College Bucket List #8: Make a Self-Portrait Out of Soap.

draft_lens4068852module27534502photo_12397725162403443144_9fda71eb06Let’s be honest. To exit college without having made a sculpture of myself out of soap would not exactly be a tragic event. But it just so happens that I was assigned to make a self portrait for my art direction class, and decided it worthy to share on the interwebz. Why not make it a bucket list item? It’s something every student should do before they graduate.


One comment on “College Bucket List #8: Make a Self-Portrait Out of Soap.

  1. Just Gimmepizza
    December 3, 2009

    Good clean fun. Love the choice of background music! Also, a bit sentimental for me — I used to play that game in the background (also a clever and appropriate choice) with my kids. “Guess Who?”, if I recall correctly?

    A few follow up questions/thoughts:
    * Practical: If the sculpture gets dirty, what do you wash it with?
    * Oxymoronic: a dirty soap sculpture — if a sculpture is obscene, can you clean with something so dirty?
    * Curious: Why soap? Why not Jell-O? A marshmallow? A meatloaf? An apple? Then take pictures of it over time as it… um… changes…
    * Freaky, Yet Opportunistic: I bet someone out there has a bar of soap which, after some use, bears a striking resemblance to Elvis, or maybe the Virgin Mary… eBay, here we come!
    * Historical:
    * Encouragemental (?): Inside every bar is a beautiful sculpture, just waiting to be freed!
    * Philosophical: Inside every person is a beautiful soul, just waiting for its best to be brought out — and yes, it will hurt — will you take up the velvet knife? What, or who, is sculpting YOU?

    I’ll never look the same way at a bar of soap again. Unless it’s especially early in the morning.

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