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College Bucket List #7: Read A Book For Fun, Not School.

Christmas Eve. 1996. I stayed up all night reading Stuart Little in its entirety. Excitement-over-Christmas-presents insomnia or pure literary fun? Who knows? But I realized recently that that long ago night may be have been one of the last times I read an entire book just for the joy of it. School happens. Reality TV happens. But books don’t happen very often, for me at least. So why bog down my final incredibly-stressful-to-begin-with semester with one more thing to read? Because I am highly committed to my Bucket List. That’s why.

Now, I certainly could have chosen a shorter book for this challenge, but upon completing the read, I dare say I could not have chosen a better book. My selection: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert M. Pirsig. And folks, this was no Stuart Little. Four hundred and eighteen pages of “I need to reread that paragraph four times to understand it/let it sink in”. But as challenging as it may have been, the read was well worth the reward. Check out the quickie wiki overview, if interested.

Recommended by a friend, this book fed my inner philosopher a gourmet meal of insights, considerations, and inspiration. I found myself up at the wee hours of the night either reading or simply thinking about the words on the pages. Some of my favorite themes, which I will now enjoy sharing even more due to the non-book-report nature of this platform, were Pirsig’s discussion of Quality, living at the front of the train (in the present moment), and just the incredible journey that is life. As I read in bed each night, Zen led me through a wide range of emotions, which I would like to demonstrate now. The book made me:


Very happy picture







Now for an excerpt from one of my favorite passages. As follows:

The solutions all are simple…after you’ve already arrived at them. But they’re simple only when you already know what they are.

Well said. Well read.


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