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College Bucket List (Update): Lose the Senior 10.

Amber alert. Amber alert. Amber alert! Four of my “friends” (lbs.) have gone missing! That is, of course, according to my sketchy scale. In the morning. Post-bathroom. Pre-orange juice. Pre-scrambled eggs. But I’ll take whatever satisfaction I can get, people. Below is proof of my daily weighing ritual, minus the shocking numerical display of my body mass. Some things are better left a mystery, no?


Four pounds is four pounds, even if that elusive scale decides to change its mind later in the day. Has anyone else noticed this? Scales are like trick candles. Just when you think you’ve blown those pounds away, it’s like Gotcha! We’re still here. You actually didn’t lose any weight at all. Happy birthday!

I, being very aware of this kind of flaky scale behavior, have taken precautions to make sure my readings are accurate. And it does appear that I’ve lost the weight. For now, at least.

And this is no accident. I actually have been working really hard to fulfill my bucket list item. Faithful to the cause. The gorgeous weather here in Austin has allowed for leisurely jogs (me crawling breathless up a hill) and brisk walks (down to the neighborhood pizzeria). I’ve even been lifting weights in my apartment, an activity so foreign to me I might as well be speaking in tongues while I’m at it. Below is me inviting you to the gun show:

arm kiss

Besides an occasional Triscuit binge, I’ve done fairly well with my diet. Grilled chicken, grilled tilapia, frozen broccoli, frozen green beans. A far cry from Ramen week, that’s for sure. For my next photo, I’d like you to try not to focus on my incredible muscle mass, but to look beyond to the dirty dishes:

strong arm

Ah ha! Evidence of my healthy cook-at-home habits. Take that you trick scale. With four friends gone for good, I have six more to go in order to reach my bucket list goal. And they better watch out, cause I’m a comin’ for em.


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This entry was posted on November 4, 2009 by in College Bucket List.
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