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College Bucket List #6: Write a new song. Record it. Actually let people hear it.

302333_10150385709024674_353983386_nShocking, I know.

I guess most people (who know me well) know that I am a “musician”, as it is commonly called, and that I love nothing more than writing songs. I was 14 when I picked up the guitar, and only 5 when my piano teacher Mrs. Burn first congratulated me on my ability to remember which ivory key was a “G”. Pre-university life, I was constantly recording and traveling, blah blah blah, due to music. College has required just a bit of effort, though, and music has had to patiently wait its turn for my attention. Don’t get me wrong, I still constantly write new material, but have fewer opportunities to share it. Hence Bucket List #6: Write a new song. Record it. Actually let people hear it.

So here is the part where I could apologize for the way the recording sounds, the lack of perfect mixing, the obviously fake string section, and the fact that the first instrument you can hear is a University of Texas bus driving south on Speedway.

Yes, this is definitely the part where I could say how much of a perfectionist I am, and that (since my “studio” equipment consists of Garageband, a keyboard, and a microphone) I never feel like any recordings are of the proper quality to share.

And I’m pretty sure this would be the sentence where I plead with you to listen to the track on higher quality speakers than the horrible ones on your laptop because that definitely won’t do the mediocre recording justice. This could easily be accomplished by actually downloading the song by clicking on the downward facing arrow on the music player below, and then proceeding to burn the song for free, as I’m sure you usually do already.

Yes, this would be the part for all that, except that all the excuses are the reason why I never post songs in the first place, and would defeat the purpose of this bucket list item. So I will refrain.

Song’s called Sycamore (Ready to Fall), and the lyrics are below the player.

Thanks guys 🙂 Enjoy:

Sycamore (Ready to Fall) by paigelewismusic

Sit by the sycamore tree

I heard that it’s good for me

It’s good for me but only in springtime

Sit back and stare at T.V.

I read that it’s good for me

It’s good for me but only in doses

Lying in my bed

I think I’ve had enough

I empty my head

Just to fill it back up

I’m ready, ready to fall

Daylight breaks on my street

Fog makes it hard to see

It’s hard to see the handful of sunshine

So go on, throw back your drink

You know what sounds good to me

It’d be good to be alive in my lifetime

Lying in my bed

I think I’ve had enough

I empty my head

Just to fill it back up

I’m ready, ready to fall

Sit by the sycamore tree

I heard that it’s good for me

It’s good for me but only in springtime


2 comments on “College Bucket List #6: Write a new song. Record it. Actually let people hear it.

  1. Just Gimmepizza
    December 10, 2009

    Beautiful. And cryptic enough to keep the handful of sunshine you are sharing mostly shrouded by fog; or maybe I’ve just got cloudy vision… I am sometimes closer to the clueless end than I’d like to be. Emptying and filling your head — with college nollege? Been there… Anyway…

    Imperfect, so not shareworthy? Depends on your target audience, I think. To your fans, which are likely the bulk of readers of your blog (hmm, not sure I like being called “bulk” :-), I suspect that imperfections give a song character, uniqueness, and a bit more specialness. The word “perfect” begins to take on a different meaning, does it not? Perfectly … imperfect. Are you selling, or enjoying and communicating? I don’t need to hear real strings to hear real Paige. I’d choose real Paige anytime over polished, professional gazillion-dollar musicians playing gazillion-dollar instruments into gazillion-dollar equipment on the gazillionth take. 🙂

  2. Just Gimmepizza
    January 14, 2010

    Hey again musician, sculptor, blogger, bard, graduate, copywriter… imager of your Creator…

    Just had a few more things to say, while we’re on the topic of music, perfection, talent, and especially jelly donuts.

    First, I want to say that it sometimes make me scream with frustration, sometimes makes me simply stop, sometimes just sigh — when I am trying to sing along with a song on the radio, a harmony I think would be good, trying techniques I think are good for producing accurate output, and my voice just WON’T BE GREAT. I do have a good sense of music, an ear for accuracy, and an ear for good harmony, and I just CAN’T output what I am happy with, at least not consistently. Did I say I want to SCREAM sometimes? And maybe cry? I would SO MUCH love to produce musical beauty that others can enjoy, can drink in, can be blessed by… just as some music so blesses me.

    Well — why get this off my chest? Just to give you a glimpse of the view from the other side of the fence, where the jelly donuts have just that half teaspoon of jelly that you can’t believe is so small, you feel like weighing it with a scale and posting the weight of it, perhaps with a high-res photo, on the web, revealing the poor excuse for a bakery the place where you got it was… um, ok, overblown analogy, sorry. Anyway, those of us who can only wish, would give a LOT to have as much jelly as you, and we scowl as you berate what we can only dream of being able to produce.

    Now, in your defense, there are those who are not perfectionists who can’t understand my screaming, and your self-criticism, who are happy to have a donut at all. They don’t understand that we CAN’T just flip a switch that drops our idea of what is excellent from a 9.5 down to an 8, and makes us happy to have done “well enough” even when we know we could have done excellently.

    Well, this comment will have to be “well enough”… but just one more thought. May you be humbled by the realization that the 9.8 beauty in music that you produce and have shared with the world gives us all a bit of a glimpse of God — for such things, divinely-given, are gifts so beautiful, I know the giver must indeed be indescribably beautiful, most excellent — perfect. It humbles me to catch this glimpse — puts me in my place — which is a good thing, for true humility, after love, is everything.

    Thanks for risking sharing something you believed to be imperfect.

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