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College Bucket List #5: Lose the Senior 10.

scale1It’s no secret that college tends to bring on a few pounds. My actual freshman weight gain was so astronomical that I shudder at the thought. Starts with a five and ends with a zero. Or somewhere in that realm. Since the year of the cow, however, I have successfully shed my unwelcome guests. Until now. I swear that ten of them missed me more than they could bear, and are now back in town and attached at the hip quite literally. But they are no friends of mine and I want them out by December.

It probably started due to the stress of my final semester. They’ve seen the opportunity and know the time is right to strike. Little time exists to ward them off, and one by one they’ve made their way back into my life. They’ve seduced me with thoughts such as “a successful session on the elliptical machine certainly deserves Mint Chocolate Chip”. And “two Lean Pockets are still totally lean when you eat them both in one sitting”. Lies! Lies! Lies! I’ve been a fool.

This bucket list item will serve me well, and consider this entry more of a declaration than an accomplishment as of yet. A promise to myself and my new found friends. So help me God, they are in their final days. Stay tuned for amber alerts.


One comment on “College Bucket List #5: Lose the Senior 10.

  1. Meredith
    October 19, 2009

    Seriously you should write editorials. I always look forward to your bucket list updates.

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