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College Bucket List #3: Eat Ramen Noodles for a Week. Survive.

There’s nothing like petrified peas and chicken-ish flavoring to whet one’s appetite. Oh, and then there’s the noodles. They look strangely like crimped hair from the ’80s with an excessive amount of hairspray. Personally, I am not a fan of the Ramen. I hear, though, that my future career in advertising may require my submission to this faux-food. Just for the first few years, they say. How encouraging.

So what better time to test the boiling waters and see how I fare in the land of the noodles. A whole week on Ramen alone sounds like a trip to the hospital, but I decided I should give it a try anyway. I mean, I certainly didn’t have money to lose considering at certain supermarkets you can literally purchase 100 packets for $10.00. That’s ridiculous and I don’t trust it. And I did not purchase 100. That seemed a bit excessive plus there was no room in the cart due to the kitty litter. I would start with five packages, determine my flavor preference, and then return for my remaining rations. (For those concerned with extreme accuracy, I actually purchased ‘Cup O Noodles’, which may not be technically Ramen, but I hear they’re made with the same chemicals).

Super Noodles To Go - Grilled Steak Flavour Noodles

At home, the challenge began. Chicken Flavor was first up. Boiled water. Cup O Noodles. Pour water. Cover lid. Wait for mystery magic. It is time. Fork? Spoon? Fork? Spoon? Fork? Spoon. Consume.

Halfway into my first meal, which was reluctantly consumed at 9:00AM, I decided to turn my “Week of Ramen” into my “Business Week of Ramen”. Five business days seems reasonable, no? Seven seems a bit excessive. No one will ever know that I changed the rules. I mean, I will know. And might feel a bit guilty. But I’ll get over it. 

Now I may have misread the instructions, but the vegetables involved did not soften into their usual consistency and I found myself crunching peas. Disgusting. The flavor itself hinted at chicken broth, but the never ending noodles kept me so busy twisting that I was too preoccupied to actually taste. Noodle by noodle, however, I finished my task. Ramen, by the way, is not a breakfast food and is awful paired with orange juice.

Upon reaching the bottom of the cup, I had a sobering moment of truth. This can not go on.

As faithful as I wish I could have been to this task, I threw in the napkin after only one round. I am ashamed to admit it, but this was a bucket list failure. Or perhaps a look at the bright side will redeem me. It is better to have loved…and…lost……….no, not relevant. If at first you don’t succeed…….I am definitely not trying again. You can lead a horse to…Ramen…but you can’t make it….eat. Yes! That is it.

Perhaps the most important moral is that I better get a stellar first job, because I will never make it on Ramen alone. Nor will I attempt it again. Lesson learned.



2 comments on “College Bucket List #3: Eat Ramen Noodles for a Week. Survive.

  1. Just Gimmepizza
    October 6, 2009

    Wow, Paige, an entire week of only Ramen!?! Klinger should have tried that — he’d have earned his Section 8! 🙂

    Do you know of ANYONE who has accomplished this feat?

    Well, you now know that you bit off much more than you could chew (and drink). You may have had a better experience had you tried the rectangular-brick Ramen, that typically are not enhanced with fossilized veggies. I have tried the Ramen-in-a-cup, and found that I prefer the brick Ramen — Just Noodles. They slide down easier (sorta like goldfish) by themselves.

    Now, I know you swore off Ramen for eternity, but would you be willing to try again if it were for a cause — perhaps you could get folks to sponsor you, so many dollars per cup (or brick) of Ramen you could consume in a row (over the course of up to a week)? You could hold an international Ramen-a-thon, and do all the marketing — what a great thing to put on your resume!

    Other ideas, perhaps more achievable than Only Ramen For A Week :
    – Ramen WITH every meal, but not as the ENTIRE meal: Ramen omlettes, Ramen sandwiches…
    – Ramen every LUNCH for a week.
    – Be more creative: get a brick, crunch the noodles up into little pieces, pour milk and brown sugar on them, and microwave on high until tender.
    – Combining your Ramen with another cult classic food, Spam. Or maybe fruitcake.
    – Making sculptures out of Ramen bricks (while still dry, of course) — then you’d have to NOT eat them, since they’re pieces of ART. You could scupt them into the letters IVXLCDM — Ramen numerals!
    – Going back to The Old Frontier and ordering Ramen.
    – Writing a song, comparing Ramen to life. (“If life’s a cup of Ramen, what am I doing in the peas?”)

    Well, here’s a (fairly small) challenge: Find a reputable restaurant that serves Ramen, and order and really try to enjoy eating it. It seems restaurant Ramen is in a different league. How else would someone have been able to eat 10+ pounds of it in a contest? (See — “eatfeats”, quite an appetizing name for a website, eh?)

    Anyway, thanks for the enjoyable read, I hope I’ve returned a little back. Better luck with your next bucket list adventure. 🙂

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