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College Bucket List #1:Attend Hipster Art Show. Blend in. Be cool.

The cottage cheese, 70’s style walls of my mouse hole apartment are adorned with art of all kinds. From Warhol prints to a piece by my great aunt. I enjoy the warm vibe art creates around a room and the way it is an extension not only of the artist, but of the owner as well. All of this said, I am not a member of the “art scene”. My knowledge of galleries and exhibits is limited, and I find it rather intimidating to picture myself sipping on red wine and indulging in the finest cheese in the presence of the Art People. And Austin seems to be full of them. So, bucket list item number one was an easy decision.

Attend a hipster art show on the east side. Blend in. Be cool.

The Birdhouse gallery is in a 1920’s house on Austin’s east side. A good friend of mine (a vegetarian, bike riding chick who I am in no way cool enough to know) told me about a current exhibit being displayed, and I was in. I have to say upon first arrival I definitely felt like the new kid with braces in a school full of bullies. Swarms of the jort-wearers were hanging on the front porch, discussing and critiquing the masterpieces that lie within the home. Making my way through the cacophonous crowd, I caught my first glimpse of the night’s show. And this is what I saw:


Now, as discussed, I am no critic, but I’m not sure that I need to be to know that I still get chills when I see this. And not the chills that come from a magical moment of inspiration, but the chills that came when Kanye stole the stage from Taylor Swift. Bad chills. But what do I know? The rest of the art featured babies with antlers and werewolf grandmothers. Interesting.

Besides the actual work displayed, the evening was surprisingly pleasant. The people did not crowd or overwhelm me with their artistic lingo. They were very warm and nothing like how I had envisioned before I became an “insider”. I chatted casually with a girl and her black pug named Olive. I stood with a group in the yard and made numerous sarcastic remarks about children with horns. And I conversed with a man about his plans to drive to Alaska to pick up a friend and do some photography along the way. My exchanges with the people there definitely made for a memorable experience. And though they rode off into the night on their trendy bikes to eat their tofu and lentils while I hopped into my SUV and I headed home for some chicken and diet coke, for just one night I was one of them. A great bucket list warm up indeed.


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This entry was posted on September 15, 2009 by in College Bucket List.
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