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Mom Hikes to The Survival Tree [VIDEO]

A couple of months ago, a few friends and family members flew to L.A. with my mom to hike up the mountain to The Survival Tree. This is the tree … Continue reading

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How to Ignore Rattlesnakes (and other lessons learned on the mountain).

There are rattlesnakes on the mountain. I’ve known this to be true for quite some time, long before I started Project Prayer Box, as this area has proclaimed itself “Rattlesnake … Continue reading

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Project Prayer Box

This is the most important thing I’ve ever done in my life. My name is Paige Lewis, and  this is Project Prayer Box, where I have hidden a box on top … Continue reading

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New YouTube Video. Finally.

So, I like, never post videos to YouTube. Haha. Time to change that! Here’s a cover of Taylor Swift’s ‘Trouble’ performed by me and Adrian Bourgeois. (We’ve got a band … Continue reading

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MAKING it vs. Making IT

              The notion of “making it” or “making it big” is really interesting to me. As an artist and a performer, I am often … Continue reading

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Houston, TX , Music City

Yes, people, I’ve done it. Taken the big leap. Reached for the stars. Gone for my dreams. MOVED TO L.A…. Again. It’s a wild mix of emotions to move this … Continue reading

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The Big Move (Houston, TX, Music City, Part 2)

After writing my recent post, which talks about Houston and its generous and supportive music community, it was suggested to me that I should write a follow-up entry that discusses … Continue reading

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Official Backers of New Album “One Good Day”

The overwhelming generosity of the following group of people has made it possible for me to say “Yes! I’m making a new album!” Their combined support over the past month … Continue reading

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Where It All Started

About a month ago, I played a show with Adrian Bourgeois in Austin, and he brought with him something that I had never seen, but something that had truly changed … Continue reading

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The Inevitability of Failure

Edison’s light bulb story is so overtold, its message hardly resonates anymore. Have you heard? He didn’t get it wrong one thousand times, he found one thousand ways that weren’t … Continue reading

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